Network Manager - nmcli

Network Manager - nmcli 

If your Linux Distribution is using Network Manager, then nmcli is a great interface to configure connections from the command line interface.

View Connections

To view connections using nmcli, use:

# nmcli


# nmcli connection

NAME        UUID                                  TYPE             DEVICE 
docker0     1948720d-d589-4a3f-99d6-5fefcb5a3380  bridge           docker0
Wired connection 1      13f3f876-c0ab-3b31-a086-360d972043d8  802-3-ethernet   enp4s0 
tun0        c4e462c4-89d9-4d6d-8042-2c2eda44c6da  tun              tun0   
virbr0      f3aedff9-2b78-4a7f-b24e-b3d878daefbf  bridge           virbr0 
Droidz      a940b5dd-ac3a-41b8-9d90-ed408c5f0910  802-11-wireless  --     

To see details use the show action with the connection name:

# nmcli connection show Droidz 

Rename Connection

Change the connection name from "Wired connection 1" to "enp4s0" after the device name:

nmcli connection modify Wired\ connection\ 1 con-name enp4s0

Set IP Address

Set a single IP address for the enp4s0 connection:

nmcli connection modify enp4s0 ipv4.addresses

Use Multiple Addresses

Configure multiple IP addresses for the enp4s0 connection:
nmcli connection modify enp4s0 ipv4.addresses \,

Modifying Other Connection Settings

If using BASH shell completion, many other network connections can discovered to modify easily. For example, typing:

nmcli connection modify enp4s0 ipv4. 

and then pressing the TAB key would show: 

ipv4.addresses           ipv4.dhcp-send-hostname  ipv4.dns-search          ipv4.method
ipv4.dad-timeout         ipv4.dhcp-timeout        ipv4.gateway             ipv4.never-default
ipv4.dhcp-client-id      ipv4.dns                 ipv4.ignore-auto-dns     ipv4.route-metric
ipv4.dhcp-fqdn           ipv4.dns-options         ipv4.ignore-auto-routes  ipv4.routes
ipv4.dhcp-hostname       ipv4.dns-priority        ipv4.may-fail 

Setting the Default Gateway

The command for setting the default gateway is:

nmcli connection modify enp4s0 ipv4.gateway

Activating Modified Changes

After changing the configuration of a connection, bring the connection up to activate them:

nmcli connection up enp4s0

Interactive Editing

To use an interactive editing mode from the command line, use the edit action for the connection:

nmcli connection edit enp4s0

Use the  help command to get started with editing. 
Use the describe command to determine what to provide for a setting.

Hot tip: to avoid settings from being appended when set, first remove them. For example to return to a single IP address from multiple addresses, the other addresses must be removed first.

describe ipv4.addresses
remove ipv4.addresses
set ipv4.addresses


The nmtui and nm-connection-editor commands provide a text menu and graphical interface to Network Manager.

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