JOOSAN NVR Admin Password Reset

JOOSAN NVR Admin Password Reset

I purchased a 4 Camera Wireless Surveillance NVR kit from CCTV Systems on Amazon in 2016. Somehow the password for the admin account stopped working, and I don't remember changing it. It had better not happen again, or I might return the unit! Without the admin password, I was unable to change any settings on the device.

When I got stuck without being able to login as admin, thankfully the vendor, CCTV Systems was able to tell me how to reset the admin password. Apparently, if they know the date on your unit, then they can generate a password for admin account that will allow a login, which is a bit scary. Maybe my unit won't be running with the actual date...

When I told them that the date had been reset to 1970/01/01 because I had unplugged the battery from the unit in trying to reset the system, they gave me a different solution. Here is what I was told via email:

This date is not normal.
So now you can on the screen of login,and input the wrong password,when it pop-up a message with invalid password,you can right-click,left-click  with the mouse,cycle times.Then it will let you reset the user and password.

This led to me developing the following procedure to reset the admin password for the JOOSAN NVR:

  1. Unplug the unit.
  2. Open the top cover by unscrewing the necessary screws.
  3. Remove the battery from the unit by pulling it up.
  4. Replace the battery and cover after a minute or two.
  5. Power the unit back on and wait until system is initialized.
  6. Right-click to try System Setup.
  7. Attempt to login as admin with the wrong password.
  8. Alternately, right-click and left-click several times. 
  9. A dialog should pop up and let you reset the admin password back to nothing or being blank.

Here are some steps you will want to perform after resetting the system.

Reset the time:

  1. Right-click to go to System setup.
  2. Click General setup on the top, Time setup on the left, and set up the time in the middle.
  3. Be sure to click Apply before you click OK.

Reset the admin user password:

  1. Right-click to go to System setup.
  2. Click System Admin on the top, User management on the left.
  3. Select the row of the admin user.
  4. Click the Set password button.
  5. Type the old admin password or leave it blank after resetting the system.
  6. Type and repeat the new password.
  7. Click the Ok button.
Since resetting the admin password, I have also created an extra super user account to avoid being locked out in the future by using System Admin, User management, Add user. In addition, I created an account for family members that can be used for just viewing the cameras.

I hope this helps you! Best wishes!

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