Jelly Bean Leak for Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III

Jelly Bean Leak for Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III

On November 3rd, 2012, I saw that there was a Jelly Bean leak for Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III published at the XDA Developer Verizon Galaxy S III Android Development Forum. I was so excited to try it, that I even downloaded the 800+ MB file from the [ROM][JB] - Stock Root De-Odex - I535VRBLI5 (vzw leak) thread on my battery while on a layover in Chicago O'hare. That night, after settling down a bit, I successfully installed the zip using the TeamWin's Recovery Project (installed from the GooManager app). 

Before attempting to load this custom ROM on the device, you are warned that you are voiding your warranty and face the risk of bricking your device if something goes wrong. You will need to have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III rooted, and have a custom recovery image installed in order to load the ROM. You will have to unlock the bootloader. You should backup the IMEI of your device, as it has been known to be corrupted upon installing custom ROMs. All of these topics are discussed in threads in the XDA Developer Verizon Galaxy S III Android Development Forum. Please read the threads carefully and backup your IMEI and current ROM to your external SD card, so everything can hopefully be restored in the event of a problem.

What's new?

Jelly Bean definitely feels faster and smoother with almost no lag noticeable. If you do a factory reset, you'll notice that new helpful tips appear more often than in Ice Cream Sandwich. I found out the hard way that performing a factory reset does erase the internal SD card, so be sure to put any of your backups on the external SD card, or copy them to your computer for safe keeping.

While Google made numerous changes in Jelly Bean, what I noticed was the following:


The date and time are now clearly displayed at the top of the notification shade. The display brightness slider and auto checkbox are displayed below the toggles. The notifications from SMS and MMS now show the full message, if possible, and other apps show more detail than before. Now, if you press-hold, then the App Info can be displayed to take you to manage the application.


The camera now includes the following effect filters: Cold Vintage, Warm Vintage, Posterize, Solarize, Green Point, Blue Point, Red-yellow Point, Washed Out, Black and white, Sepia, and Negative. These filters are applied in real-time as the image is recorded or displayed.

The shooting mode for the camera now has an improved HDR mode and a new Low light mode, which allows for much better indoor shots.


The camcorder now permits video recordings to be paused, resumed, or stopped. The camcorder supports the same filters as the camera.

Pop Up Video

When playing back a video in the Video Player Pop Up, the video can be paused and re-sized up to the width of the screen in portrait mode.

Lock Screen Menu

The menu that appears when you press the power button now has a much more functional layout, particularly for switching sound modes.


The Swype keyboard is now the default. There is also a Samsung keyboard and Google voice typing available.

What's custom?

This ROM has a couple of notable modifications, the Google Now application instead of S Voice, and it seems to be configured to use global networks.


After running this leaked ROM for the last couple of days, I'm glad that I loaded it because it is more visually appealing and works faster than the stock ROM. The improved camera and camcorder make the biggest difference to me, but I also really like the expanded notifications and quick access to control the display brightness. I am quite pleased with it's stability. Only when executing Gscripts to enable Google Wallet, did I have any Activity Not Responding (ANR) issues. I was able to get the hacked version of Goggle Wallet to work, though. Also, the Extra Apps for Samsung S III installed fine.

I haven't spent too much time with it yet on the road, so I haven't had a chance to really put it's battery performance to the test, but from what little time I've not had it connected to my computer, it doesn't seem to drain very quick.

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