iPhone 5 makes people act like Apple Zombies as Jimmy Kimmel shows

Apple Fans act like Zombies

Watch "First Look: iPhone 5 on YouTube from the Jimmy Kimmel Show
Some people are just going to think the new iPhone is the best no matter how wrong they are about the facts. Watch these people fawn over an iPhone 4S thinking it is the new iPhone 5!

But here is why the Samsung Galaxy S III is better than an iPhone 5


Why the Samsung Galaxy S III is superior to the iPhone 5

Why the Samsung Galaxy S III is superior to the iPhone 5

  1. Bigger display - not only is the display bigger, but it is smarter. The front facing camera checks for your face and if it sees it, then it will not cause the display to shut off due to a timeout. Even though Apple has a slightly higher pixel per inch (PPI) density, it is imperceptible to the user unless the device is only a inch or two from the user. Only apps specifically designed for the iPhone 5 will even be able to use the full screen, and most apps will appear letter-boxed.
  2. S IIIiPhone 5
    720 x 1280640 x 1136 
    4.8 inch4.0 inch
    306 ppi326 ppi
    Full screen appsLetter-boxed apps

  3. Battery Life - batteries are easily exchanged by the user, and many options are available for purchasing them, including even larger batteries. Also, even the reported talk time on an iPhone is less, probably due to it's smaller capacity.
  4. S IIIiPhone 5
    User swappableNot user servicable

  5. Internal RAM - the S III (in the USA) has twice as much RAM available which allows the user to be able to have more applications loaded simultaneously in memory.
  6. S IIIiPhone 5
    2 Gb1 Gb

  7. Internal Storage - while the S III does not yet have a model with 64 Gb of internal storage available, one is planned for the future. Apple charges twice as much per Gb for increasing the memory beyond the 16 Gb of the standard model.
  8. S IIIiPhone 5
    16 Gb ($99-199)16 Gb ($199)
    32 Gb ($249)32 Gb ($299)
    64 Gb (planned)64 Gb ($399)

  9. External Storage - Only Samsung gives the user the freedom to add external storage. This permits being able to effectively expand the storage of the device to much more than than Apple offers. At this time, the maximum storage on the S III is 64 Gb external + 32 Gb internal, for a total of 96 Gb. Eventually, a total of 128 Gb might be available from Samsung.
  10. S IIIiPhone 5
    16, 32, 64 Gb micro SDNot Available

  11. NFC - Near Field Communications (NFC) allows the user to communication with point of sale devices to make payments, initiate transfers of data, and automate actions by interacting with NFC tags.
  12. S IIIiPhone 5
    Included as part of standard batteryNot Available
    Available from 3rd party batteriesNot Available

  13. Open Ecosystem - whether it's to watch movies, listen to music, or get apps, Apple forces the user to get their media and apps from Apple. This is the biggest difference between not just the S III, and the iPhone 5, but between any Android device versus any Apple iOS device. Even if Apple were to make a device as good as or even better than the S III, I would not buy an Apple device for this reason.
  14. AndroidiOS
    Any app store allowedOnly Apple App store
    Apps are able to be user installedNot allowed
    Music and Video DRM freeOnly permitted from iTunes


Apple has failed to innovate and create a device with the iPhone 5 that is superior to the Samsung Galaxy S III, or many other top-end Android devices. Their offering of added 4G LTE and a larger screen is something I had on a Droid Bionic more than one year ago. Their replacement of Google Maps and YouTube apps with a buggy and less sophisticated Apple Maps, and the expectation that you will watch YouTube in a browser just shows how they further want to block their users from anything not Apple. Their continuing litigation over ridiculous "innovations" like rounded rectangles, and obvious touch screen gestures and responses just shows how void of any real innovation Apple has become.

So, unless you pledge allegiance to the being part of Apple trying to take away your freedom, the choice is obvious. It does not take a "Genius" to see that the Samsung Galaxy S III is superior to the iPhone 5 in the many ways that really matter to the user. For that matter, Android offers many other devices better than the new iPhone 5, just take a look at some of the other devices offered by Samsung, Motorola, LG, Pantech, and HTC.

If you aren't brainwashed and fall to your knees at the alter of Apple, then you'll find that the Samsung Galaxy S III is not only a far better device for the price, but you'll be free from the Apple prison of what they call an ecosystem, which is nothing more than vendor lock-in at outrageous prices for what they tell you is what you want, but not what really matters.

Regardless, as Jimmy Kimmel shows, too many people are always ready to believe that the newest from Apple is the best when it isn't: iPhone 5 Apple Zombies

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