WrightRocket's Raspberry Pi Links

WrightRocket's Raspberry Pi Links

While I mostly reference the links to sites I find relevant to the Raspberry Pi by looking at my Delicious bookmarks, I thought I'd make a post sharing some my links about the Raspberry Pi. Please comment below to suggest other ones to add!

Raspberry Pi Foundation

This is the main place to visit. This is where the Raspberry Pi originated. They publish relevant information on a regular basis. You can find images to download to install onto your SD card to be able to start up your RPi at this site.


They manufacture the SoC that powers the Raspberry Pi. This page features details about the Broadcom 2835.



Raspbian is now the official OS for the Raspberry Pi. Raspbian was built based upon Debian, but optimized for the Raspberry Pi.


R-Pi Hub at Elinux

There is a great deal of information to be found about the Raspberry Pi at Elinux's R-Pi Hub. The have all kinds of beginner's guides, but my favorite is the information that the have about the hardware.



PuppyArch is the Raspberry Pi version of the Puppy Linux distribution which derives from Arch Linux.    There is an image to download and instructions, but I've not tried it yet.



QtonPi allows for Qt application development on the Raspberry Pi.



Accessories and hardware to go with the Raspberry Pi including cases, breakout boards, displays, and more.


A distributor of the Raspberry Pi and accessories.


Another distributor of the Raspberry Pi and accessories.


Electronics parts, breakout boards and kits are featured at Sparkfun.

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