Extra Apps for Samsung Galaxy S III

Extra Apps for Samsung Galaxy S III

With all the amazing apps on the Samsung Galaxy S III, it may be hard to believe, but Samsung has even more apps available that will work on this device. In order to be able to install these apps, first you need to go to http://www.samsungapps.com. If you don't already have a Samsung user account, then sign up, otherwise, sign in. Next, if you click the Support link, then there will be a sidebar on the left that will allow you to install the Samsung Apps app

Here's the wrinkle, the Galaxy S III is not listed, but if you download the app for the phone (not the tablet), it works! Once this application is installed on the device, you can use it to install the other apps. To see the ones specifically designed by Samsung, click the More Services tile in the lower right corner. Here's the list of the apps that you will find:
  • Photo editor - crop, resize, decorate, or add special effects
  • Kies Air - manage your device from your broswer
  • Application monitor - a widget to display the number of open apps and start Task Manager
  • MiniDiary - make notes, add photos and locations on the go
  • KiesCast - podcast manager for audio and video
  • S Health - tracks your activities, blood glucose, blood pressure, food, and weight 
  • My Story - provides templates to create media rich correspondence
  • Readers Hub - ebook reader that won't work if you have rooted your device
  • Family Story - enables sharing with just family of photos, messages, and events
  • Flipboard - innovative browser for social sites like Facebook and Twitter
Update: I'm sure there is many more other good apps to be found at SamsungApps.com. One other good one that I also found is Video maker, which allows you to decorate a video with a frame and add voiceovers.

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