ModMyPi for the Raspberry Pi

ModMyPi for the Raspberry Pi

The case from https://www.modmypi.com/ finally arrived! The two pieces of plastic fit together well very nicely. Above you see the top side in red, you can also choose white, black, blue and green. The Raspberry Pi board fits firm inside the case. All but one of the ports is very easily accessed. I found the power port to be slightly recessed making it slightly more difficult to align and connect correctly.

The Top Side

Visually, there is access to the GPIO pins through small diagonal slots above them. I imagine I could easily cut the slots above the GPIO pins for full access. Slots cut to look like a power icon, and several vertical slots exist to allow sight of the status LEDs. 

The Bottom Side

The underside of the ModMyPi case has seven holes in the center in a circular pattern with two more spread out close to the edge of the long horizontal axis in the center of the vertical axis. The center group of holes could be used to provide ventilation if the two outer holes were mounted on something like the standoffs used on the bottom of computer cases to mount motherboards to the case.
Inside the bottom are plastic standoffs, so the board does not sit directly on the plastic.


I had looked into buying this case at the time that it was still going to be 3D printed. They had so many orders that they used injection moulding instead. The strong ABS plastic pieces fit together well, and I can always take the top off if I need more access. They have five different colors to choose from for both the top and bottom. Their site https://www.modmypi.com/ has all the accessories you need, as well as start-up kits. However I have no affiliation with them, other than being their first time customer.
I was very impressed by how they communicated throughout the whole process of changing the manufacturing technique as well providing estimated shipping dates. They also help support the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the sale of stickers and according to their website, "ModMyPi LTD has pledged to donate 5% of all our profits to the Raspberry Pi Foundation."

So, all in all, I'm very pleased that my Raspberry Pi has a case that is portable and functional for casual use. I'm already imagining the ultimate experimentation case or expansion board, or...

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