Gone Google with GPS Map

Gone Google with GPS Map

As WrightRocket, I have ten apps published on Google Play. My first, and most impressive app is GPS Map. I began work on it back in April 2010, and published it October 2010. Currently, it is also the most popular of my apps with about 150,000 downloads and over 25,000 active installs. What's made it so popular, I think, is it's integration with so many Google applications and services. 

GPS Map is supported by advertising, but for those who would like more space to view the map, who don't like ads, or who appreciate the work, I also publish GPS Map Pro as a paid application.


Originally, I began work on GPS Map because of something my brother had said. He said he wanted an app with a map that he could put "Placemarks" on. Placemark is actually a kind of KML tag to represent a point on a map. Unfortunately, because I choose to base my app on the Google Maps Android API, my app still cannot meet one of his needs. As Google Maps for Android has begun allowing users to save map tiles for offline viewing, I'm hopeful that one day this will be allowed for applications based upon Google Maps Android API. 

Although GPS Map wasn't able to do offline maps like my brother wanted for traveling in areas without cell phone service, I found it was very useful to me in my travels around my own city, and especially useful for being prepared to travel to other cities.

Most of the features of GPS Map, I have added because I found them to be helpful to me to navigate from airport to hotel, from hotel to office, and from wherever I was to go eat or shop nearby. The ability to use a user provided Image for the Placemark icon, or Marker, was made by my first user or sent me feedback. The ability to display either decimal degrees or degrees in hours, minutes, seconds was another user suggestion.  

Dare I say, when I receive feedback from my users, it strongly motivates me to make changes to my app. The high rankings that I have for my Pro version reflects this, and I think I earned them by always responding and providing solutions quickly. 

I would love to actually get a chance to try to solve more issues that users have, rather than having the number of vague complaints that I can't address like so many that have been made on the ad-supported version. Top developers on Google Play are getting the ability to respond to users' comments, and I have already vocalized my own belief that all developers should have that right in several forums.

Going, Going, Gone Google!

The following are different APIs or Android applications that GPS Map can interface.

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