GPS Map Honeycomb Android 3.0

Last weekend, I finally got around to updating GPS Map and GPS Map Pro to be compatible with Honeycomb (Android 3.0). I got tired of waiting for a stable build of Honeycomb for my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I tried out a build from XDA Developer Spacemoose1 a while ago, but it wasn't stable enough for daily use. I'm still looking forward to the build, but I went ahead and created a Honeycomb emulator with the Android SDK on my computer for testing. It was painfully slow, but it helped me to get the job done.

Updating my apps to be compatible with Honeycomb was much easier than I thought. There were two things that were causing problems: startManagingCursor(someCursor) and someCursor.close(). Once these were commented out, then my apps ran fine. I guess Android will just have to clean up the garbage left behind by those open cursors until I make a separate version to use CursorLoader...

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