LG Ally ROM Update

I'm starting an update to my girlfriend's LG Ally tonight. My goal is to install a faster and more functional ROM. Apparently, there are other things to update, as well, kernels and a radio. Thanks to http://savoxis.com/ally/ I've got all the information I need in one place! Awesomeness at my fingertips, yeah!

Before beginning, I'm doing a Titanium backup of all the applications. I also used ROM Manager backup the current stock rooted ROM.

To gauge performance, I ran Quadrant Standard several times with these results: 409, 410, and 380. I also ran Linpack for Android several times with the results: 3.587, 4.172, and 4.016 MFLOPS. It took more than 30 seconds to run each time!

I don't know why, I never ran into the problem on my Droid Incredible, but her browser does not want to download the zip files. So, I searched and found out about Astro, which allows for Android to download unknown file types, and works great as a file manager. That's what I have on my phone!

Using ROM Manager, I chose to Install from SD Card, and selected the downloaded Velocity 0.3 ROM. I prompted me to backup my current ROM (which I already did), and to wipe the phone. To be safe, I chose to do both. After only about few minutes the install was done, and it took several minutes than longer to boot, but success! Since she trusts me so much, she gave me her password and I got her phone back on Google and back to normal by using Titanium Backup to restore the missing applications back to the phone.

Now, the testing begins. I'm going to first of all take the stock kernel out for a spin again. Quadrant scrores: 404, 393, 394. Not too impressive, or just about the same. And for the Linpack scores: 3.938, 4.045, and 4.039 MFLOPS. Again, about the same, so what's next?

Next, I am going to take the big risk of upgrading the radio. She has had reception problems, especially in our house, so this might help fix that, and maybe even improve texting functionality as well. Let's see, it looks official and a few build numbers ahead, yeah, I'm going to do it.

So, using Clockwork Recovery, started from ROM Manager, reboot into recovery, I will now install the zip file for the radio update. I need to remember to navigate up and down the menu with the up and down volume buttons, and to use the call button to select. When the back button is "activated", then I need to use the end call button to go back.

Whew! After rebooting, text message sent and received, call made and rang! Radio update doesn't look too bad.

Now, for a kernel update. First, I'm trying what is best, and will give up, if it is better. So, the runs on Quadrant I got 444, 453, and 460. The Linpack results were 6.869, 6.892, and 6.928 MFLOPS. Wow, both of these benchmarks show an impressive improvement!

I'm going to restore some of her settings for Browser Bookmarks, User Dictionary, and Alarms. Look for green things to restore in Titanium Backup for user files like this. Beware, it can break these applications, but just remove and restore the app without the user file if it happens.

Cool! All is good, so time to back it up all again! Repeat Titanium Backup and ROM Backup and I'm done. Oops, ROM Manager isn't doing the backup now after its update! So, doing a manual backup in recovery, and have to go back to see if I can restore an earlier version of ROM Manager...

Not good. Market is not working. All downloads fail. Time to troubleshoot. Uh oh, the "adb devices" shows ?????????????. lsusb command shows, 1004:618e next to the LG devices, or what vendor and model code to use in my udev rule. New rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules:

SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1004", ATTRS{idProduct}=="618e", MODE="0666" SYMLINK+="android_adb".

Which I already had the rule for my Droid Incredible:

SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0bb4", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0c9e", MODE="0666" SYMLINK+="android_adb"

Now, adb logcat works. Trying to install from the Market shows insufficient internal storage as the error. Ok, so I removed several apps that were unnecessary (like my two benchmark apps, and NFL Mobile), and I try again with the same result. Checking about the phone in the settings shows over 50mb internal available, so something doesn't seem right.

Bright idea! Reboot into recovery mode, and wipe the cache. Sigh of relief! Apps are now installing from the market, and my girlfriend is almost home. Just time enough to backup this new ROM. The phone is noticeably faster, and everything works, so we are both happy!


Keith Wright said...

The application that I installed from the market was Angry Birds. It works way faster now, although the very first time I ran it, I actually saw a kernel dump. First time ever in Android this has happened to me. Phone rebooted and has seemed fast and stable since...

Keith Wright said...

While I was out of town, my girlfriend thought that the phone was bricked. Despite being told that it wasn't by me and not to take it to the Verizon store, she did anyway. They couldn't fix it and ordered her a new phone, and told her to tell me to leave her new phone alone! When I returned home, she had not yet sent back the old phone. I had it fixed in just a couple of minutes! It was stuck at booting, but I just connected to over USB with adb reboot recovery, and restored the last backup.

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