I am an Android Developer! I can kill my Activity if I want!

This week I finally committed myself to publishing my GPSMap application on the Android Market, so I obtained my Android Developer's license. If you are interested in an application that will let you create Placemarks that you can save on a map, edit, or navigate to easily, then you might want to check out my website for it: http://wrightrocket.appspot.com/gpsmap.

I'm giving my applicaton away for free right now, but plan to add mobile advertising to the free version in the future. I'm also looking at adding the ability to plot your contacts on the map alongside of the Placemarks, as well as how to add proximity alerts in a paid version. Right now, I'm getting the motivation by having it public to work out all of the bugs, and to make it run more efficiently.

The nugget of knowledge that motivated me to make this post right now is that I finally found out how to really kill my Android Activity! Calling the finish() method was not doing the job, but I stumbled upon this extra addition after the call to the super in the onDestroy() method of the activity:

protected void onDestroy() {


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