Incredible Android

Huge news for me! I've finally made the leap into a smartphone. I've been waiting for a Droid phone that could compete with the iPhone. At last, the HTC Droid Incredible has arrived. With it's 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 8 Megapixel camera/camcorder, and the open Android 2.1 operating system, this phone is at the top of market of smartphones.

I've already installed these amazing droid only applications from Google such as Googles, Earth, Translator, Maps/GPS Navigator and Sky Maps. There's other applications like YouTube, NFL Mobile, and Shazam that are cool too. Then, there's some 50,000 other applications out there...

If that is not enough, well, then you can create your own applications in Java. Or, you can install the Advanced Scripting Environment(ASE) from code.google.com along with your choice of the following interpeters: bash, beanshell, lua, perl, python, rhino, and tcl. There's samples to help you get started, as well tutorials.

Using just a few lines of Python, I was able to get a barcode scanning application running that would google the barcode. Also, I was able to run a webserver from my phone with just a couple of Python statements.

Android is totally awesome, and on my Droid Incredible!

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