The Cost of Owning a Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) with Linux

Since Sony introduced their latest update on April 1, 2010, I have refused to update my PS3 since it will no longer allow me to run Linux on the system. As a result, I have to sacrifice the following:

* no access to play games with other users online
* the inability to play online games only
* no video downloads
* no access to demos
* no access to install games online
* no ability to update any of the games that I own online
* the ability to benefit from future updates to the Playstation
* the ability to send messages to other Playstation Network accounts
* the ability to access my Playstation Network account
* the ability to access Playstation Network exclusive content
* the capability to be able to install or play games to be sold in the future
(note: one of the most recently released games requires you to sign into your Playstation Network account to be even able to play the game)

On the other hand, if I update now, then I'll lose these capabilities that I enjoy:

* using the system as part of my Blender 3D render farm for which I developed software
* using the system with HDMI output to view and/or listen to multimedia content in many more formats and with many more options than the Playstation allows
* using the system to access the Internet protocols beyond what the Playstation OS allows
* using the system as part of a network of the computers in my home
* using the system to test out numerous distributions of Linux
* to incorporate Cell Broadband optimized libraries in Linux
* to sharpen my Linux booting/installing/rescuing skills
* to sharpen my Linux kernel building/compiling/optimizing capabilities
* to learn parallel programming using the Cell Broadband Engine
* to learn how Linux works on the PowerPC platform

Do you blame me for not updating?

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Keith Wright said...

A few other thoughts:
* the kids are afraid to use the PS3 because they don't want to accidentally update it, and they know that I would be very upset if they did
* my plans to use the controller for remote control as demonstrated by one other person would not be possible with the update
* my ability to use bluetooth on the system, which there is no other computer in the house that does, would no longer be available to work except for game devices after the update

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