Astronaut Farmer

I can't believe tonight is the first time I've seen the movie, "Astronaut Farmer". If I had known how cool it was, then I would have seen it sooner. Not only is the message of the film able to make you think about pursuing your dreams, doing what you believe is right (no matter what!), and Billy Bob Thornton as an actor can make his wife blow her inheritance on his dreams, but the dream of launching into space is just too much of a match for my dreams, that it really hit home for me, as my moniker, wrightrocket, might suggest. If you are a dreamer, then you'll love this movie, even if you're not into rockets!


Bella said...
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Bella said...

OMG you inspire me... I love you for that!



Pattie said...

Hope your week is going well teaching Advanced Python Programming, ;)

Bella, PattieCakes!

Patricia, AKA: PattieCakes said...

Hope your week is going good in Wisconsin, watch out for the Wisconsin WereWolf, lol!


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